GM Week - Day Five Review! | EVE Online

GM Week - Day Five Review!

2018-08-25 - Por GM Stardust

Hey guys, Stardust here for another recap!

Day Five of GM Week is done and dusted, here's more about what's been going on!

Scavanger Hunt

Day five of GM week saw a significant ramp-up of the Scavenger Hunt event, as capsuleers around all the major trade hubs of New Eden got a chance to loot some sweet Combat Medic SKINs throughout the day.

Capsuleers around Dodixie showed their support to the Gallente Federation by declaring the Excecuror SKIN clearly superior to the others, while capsuleers of Caldari origin truly embraced the virtues of corporate capitalism by sending offers of questionable legitimacy to poor GM Aisling, who ventured into the lions den of Jita.

Art Contest

The Art Competition has now ended, and no more submissions can be accepted.

I want to thank everyone who submitted their art, and at the same time ask for your patience as we got quite a lot of really good pieces and want to give all relevant parties proper time to weigh in before the results are announced. We are therefore delaying the winner announcement to Tuesday, August 28.

MS Paint Competition

As if one art competition was not enough, another one was hosted on the @CCP_Help Twitter channel yesterday. Admittedly the requirements were slightly less stringent than in the main competition, but the results were pretty awesome regardless.

The winner, by a landslide, is Lauri Leino @Lauri604, with his “Don’t really want to see this…” rendition of every capsuleers nightmare.

Best Idea Ever

The “clearly best idea the Customer Support department has had in recent years”, also known as the “Name a GM” competition, went live yesterday on the EVE Online Subreddit. If you haven’t already, head over there now and cast your vote!

To truly appreciate the tremendous impact this competition will have on the GM Formerly Known As Spider, please observe this historical recording his decision process.