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Houlliente admits all, ‘Fedo loving’ was a smear campaign

2008-04-26 - Por Svarthol

Liberienne Houlliente, society playgirl, has admitted the allegations she made against a noteworthy Drone technology academic were completely false.

Houlliente had told reporters that Professor Reymonde Foucalt groomed her into a seedy world of Fedo inspired role-play, and expected her to dress up in bizarre outfits to satisfy his twisted lust. Her smear campaign fell apart when it was revealed that she had received large payments from a large Drone manufacturer in order to discredit the Professor.

Foucalt has recently been working independently on new drone control techniques, and has repeatedly refused to work with any of the corporations who have continually tried to purchase his research. It seems that a Gallentean drone manufacturer was willing to go further than most corporations to secure his work, and when he refused to sell out to them, they embarked on an underhand campaign to discredit Foucalt.

Ms. Houlliente admits that she was contacted by an industry insider shortly after her relationship with Foucalt finished. “The money wasn’t that important to me actually.” She reflects “Reymonde had hurt me, and I wanted to let him feel some pain as well. I don’t think I would have acted on my own, but once the seed was sown, I couldn’t stop thinking about hurting him.”

Foucalt was visibly relieved as he made a statement at his office in Balle. “I will be pleased to put this whole disturbing matter behind me. I am disappointed that Liberienne would go to such extremes to try and discredit me, but she is a woman after all, and we all know how women can behave when they don’t get their own way. I am looking forward to getting my research back on track, and ironically, my forced vacation gave me a chance to write up some new ideas that I didn’t have the chance to while I was in the laboratory."

Industrial espionage is seen as a natural operating risk in the Caldari State, but is usually less visible in the Federation. Industry analysts claim that this high profile case is an indication of just how competitive the Drone industry has become recently, after reports that the Federation Navy are shifting their tactical doctrine in favour of increased drone usage.