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Ice Belt Execution: Rupture Assassins Struck Down by CONCORD

2008-05-27 - Por Svarthol

Eygfe - In the early hours of Sunday morning, three pilots of the Sounds of Violence corporation lost their ships to CONCORD in order to bring down a Mackinaw suspected of covertly working for a local hostile corp.

The trio of Ruptures, flown by pilots Psyfr, Jakamo and Ullyses of Sounds of Violence struck in the early hours of the morning, when their target, dailq03, was in the ice belt harvesting Glacial Mass with a large number of other miners.

All three were aware of the risk they took. CONCORD retribution in the 0.7 security system was certain, but their plan was for economic warfare, as Jakamo explained:

“[Our fitting was] all tech 1… expendable.”

“We knew concord had rights to our ships if we aggressed,” Psyfr continued. “So yeah, cheap and disposable.”

“To make the loss worth the kill,” Ullyses added.

The engagement itself was also meticulously planned. Psyfr laid it out to me:

“It’s easy to spook people, if you all show up and hang around for ages. We had a warp in already set up, so we went in hot.”

Ullyses continued, “We acted with surprise by coming out of warp right on top of our target, so they didn’t have a chance. By the time the battle was started, it was over and there was no chance for reinforcements to come to their aid.”

[![CONCORD ships patrol the beltin Eygfe following the attack](// CONCORD ships patrol the belt in Eygfe following the attack.](//

Following the execution of the suspect pilot, CONCORD acted swiftly to prevent further attacks, flooding the belt with battleships and their support. The three Ruptures went down swiftly under the barrage of CONCORD weaponry. They described their last moments with their ships:

Psyfr : I was amazed at how long I managed to keep my ship together. It went so quick, I don’t think I could tell [how long it was]… Approximately 15 seconds, maybe? A lot longer than my gang mates at any rate, though I wasn’t taking fire much of the time.

Jakamo: The amniotic fluid was boiling, I tell you!

Ullyses: With the blood pumping in your ears, time seems to stand still in the second you turn the gun on.

I attempted to contact pilot dailq03, but received no response to my enquiries. Local pilot Adrielle Firewalker was kind enough, however, to direct me to the scene of the crime, where I attempted to speak with the other exhumer pilots who had been beside the victim at the time. All either declined to reply or were incoherent.

Further down the belt, Bratos Barr caught a brief glimpse of events as he was mining:

“I saw an attack... I thought it was on me for a second, but I didn’t see anyone chatting in local and the pilots took off before I could see any names.” Mr Barr then departed at speed.

But why target such figures as this reticent miner for attack? Certainly such attacks would not seem be unknown to a corporation whose motto is "If there is No Sacrifice, there can be No Victory."

Psyfr: I don't think losing one Mackinaw to a bunch of ruptures would really do much financially. it was more or less to send a message.

Ullyses: We are hoping the conflict will continue with our suprise attacks on their supply line, and hope that it will damage there funds, morale, and will to fight back.

Amidst the throng of CONCORD vessels stood a telling testament to the reason this form of warfare will continue. The wreck of Psyfr’s Rupture rested close to the carcass of its victim, the name still visible for all to see.

“Worth it”.