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Implant groups and statistics removed from the EVE API.

2009-03-02 - Por Svarthol

Hello Capsuleers,

Due to issues that were having a detrimental effect on the database we have temporarily suspended the display of implants within the EVE API. The basic impact of this change is that the EVE API will report that all characters have no implants within third party software like EVEMon. EVEmon currently displays character attributes (charisma, intelligence etc.) and implant groups and will therefore now report incorrect abilities and skill training times. Skill training times on Tranquility will not be affected by changes to the API and all implants will still work correctly in-game.

EVEMon will allow you to manually set your character's implants. The option to do this is under Tools -> Manual Implant Groups. Manually inputting your characters implants will allow EVEmon to display correct training times.

We are working to resolve this issue but do not have a time frame when we can implement the implant groups into the EVE API again. Please see this thread if you have any comments or queries.