Improvements and Bug Fixes | EVE Online

Improvements and Bug Fixes

2004-08-11 - Por CCP CAPSLOCK

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Facilities now consider the demand for their facilities (offices, factories and lab slots) when determining their charges. See the earlier dev blog about this for details. Please pay close attention to your bills in the future so that you don’t get surprised by the increased costs.
  • It is no longer possible to change or reload ammunition when cloaked.
  • Cloaking now has a 30 second reactivation delay after uncloacking.
  • Shield Boosters, Shield Hardeners, Armor Repairers, Armor Hardeners, ECCM, Tracking Computers, Hull Repairers, Capacitor Boosters and Sensor Boosters may be activated while in warp.
  • The cloaking proximity range has been changed to 2000m.
  • Only directors can sent corporation-wide mails


  • The limited implants now have their own market group and are now available on the general market.

Ships and Modules

  • Drones have undergone an overhaul where they have been given individual roles and accuracy. Two new medium sized drones have been introduced. More details can be found in this forum discussion thread.
  • Cruisers have received a second bonus. More details can be found in this forum discussion thread.
  • Small and Medium Armor Repairers have been reduced in duration. This makes their duration on par with Shield Boosting modules regarding repair per capacitor per second.
  • The Scourge Missile material requirements have been fixed.
  • The falloff range of 650mm and 720mm Projectile Artillery pieces have been corrected.
  • Rare drop Missile Launchers had incorrect CPU requirements. This has been fixed.
  • The mass of the Moa has been increased to make it more equal to other heavy combat cruisers in weight.
  • Some Interceptor armor resistance values were incorrect. This has been resolved.
  • The incorrect 5% missile velocity bonus description on Ravens and Scorpions now lists the proper 10% bonus.
  • Armor Hardener blueprint research time has been changed. The research time is in line with other tech I module blueprints.


  • Extra information has been added to the mission "Prove Your Loyalty" to clarify the mission objective spawns on a random timer. This has been causing some confusion as players expect the mission to behave like other scenario missions where the item spawns instantly upon opening the appropriate cargo container.
  • Some Commander NPCs have been added to the potential spawn in a few missions. Also, the criteria for their appearance in the spawn has been changed.
  • Some issues in a small number of missions have been corrected.
  • Mission pirate target selection has been modified. Previously, pirates had been configured to attack a specific player, now they attack players who have recently been engaged in hostilities with mission spawn or interact with mission items.

Note: Changes to agent missions are not posted in detail to give you a better game experience


  • NPC Pirate spawn frequency in 0.1 - 0.4 system asteroid belts have been increased.
  • NPC Pirates and other NPCs (CONCORD, etc.) will now reactivate their speed boost effect if their target crosses a range threshold.
  • NPC Blasters, AutoCannons and Artilleries fall off ranges have been corrected.
  • Changes to stargate and station sentry gun behaviour have been made. Previously, sentry guns would sometimes attack players who recently engaged pirates or agent mission targets who are owned by the same corporation that owns the guns and the object they guard.


  • Eyes are no longer missing on high resolution Portraits. Portraits are now .jpeg files rather than .bmp files, thus taking up far less disk space and have been doubled in resolution.
  • The wallet journal export feature for players and corporations has been added.
  • Previously, the autoscanner would not update properly. This has been resolved.
  • The display of distances for non standard decimal and digit separator settings has been resolved.
  • The speed at which the client loads a ship has been dramatically improved (this was mainly apparent when a ship loaded). Turrets and boosters on entities and ships other than yourself will now be visible after ships are "looked at" (using Look At command) or after they open fire.