Increased market activity stirs fears of major contraband sale | EVE Online

Increased market activity stirs fears of major contraband sale

2005-06-14 - Por Svarthol

Last week’s market activity in the Lonetrek region has been one of the highest, as a large numbers of traders have been heading to the Jita and Nonni systems. Amongst these is also Jashira Ne’rgha, CEO of Galactic Trading Logistics, who during the past months has visited the systems on several occasions.

Why the Lonetrek region once again has become so popular for traders has led to speculations amongst local businessmen. Recollecting previous events, where large quantities of contraband have changed hands, indicate business opportunities on the shadier sides of the law.

Several caldari officals have expressed their concerns about the current situation pointing out that Jashira Ne’rgha has been present every time large scale trades of illegal goods has taken place in the above mentioned systems. Although their concerns seem to be reasonable and the past has proven them right, CONCORD has refused to increase their presence or investigate suspicious pilots.

None of the visiting traders were willing to comment on the above mentioned suspicions, although another major trade in contraband within the next few days seems imminent.