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Keeping the Hoff out of EVE

2008-04-14 - Por CCP Ginger

While the title of this blog may have some of you crying in dismay, rest assured that everything is fine. I got quite lucky this time as I asked the head of the next team I'm going to talk about to write a bit, and he wrote a lot, enough so that I don’t really have to say much in fact! So, without further ado, here is Hutch, Vice Admiral of the YARR team:

The Yulai Archives & Record Repository Team (YARR) is the most recent addition to ISD. We have been formed to be the administrative team responsible for the new EVElopedia. For those who may not have heard of the EVElopedia project, it has been on the horizon for some time. The EVElopedia will be the best resource of information about EVE. Although it will be an official CCP endorsed resource, it will allow anyone who plays EVE Online to add, remove, alter or reformat it; it will be very similar to Wikipedia, but completely dedicated to the universe of EVE.

"Wait" I hear you say "Does that mean if someone wants to, they could replace every link in the EVElopedia with a link to Rick Roll and his unique dancing style?"

Well the answer to that is no, and that is exactly what YARR are being formed for. We will be maintaining, monitoring and making sure that everyone who puts effort into adding to the wiki will not have all their work ruined if someone thinks that "The Hoff" should be featured on every page. We are here to safeguard this tome of knowledge so that it may be passed from generation to generation.

I am sure many of you know the phrase: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime", and I like to think this applies to the EVElopedia. CCP could give you an instruction manual and it would stay up to date for a few months, instead CCP are giving you the tools to make the best manual and information resource EVE has ever had. YARR is merely one of those tools to help you make the EVElopedia great.

YARR are currently recruiting and we are looking for a few people to help us administrate the EVElopedia. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about EVE, this project and who want to help make this a success. Wiki experience is useful but not needed to get into the team.

That concludes Hutch's message. As this team is very new we have a different application process for it until we get the website and tools up to speed, please email with your interest and we will reply with an application for you.