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Kicking Over Castles coming soon!

2019-12-03 - Por The EVE Dev Team

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Coming on 10 December, alongside the Free Market release, are the latest in a set of improvements to core gameplay, this time focused on structures and 'timezone tanking'. This update is called Kicking Over Castles.

In this update more control over vulnerability timers is moved into the attackers' hands with the aim of making fights more common and Tuesday Alarm Clock ops rarer. This update also includes improvements to combat offensive structure spam and tethering in factional warfare systems.

And don't forget! This update follows up on the Ansiblex and Tenebrex anchor range changes from November by putting any gates or cyno jammers within 500k of a structure offline.

The changes to structures coming in Kicking Over Castles are as follows:

  • Defenders can no longer choose a day of the week for exiting the hull reinforcement cycle. Structures will exit reinforcement at the next available hour of the defenders choosing (+/- 3 hours) after the following durations:
    • Wormhole space: 1.5 days
    • Low and Null security space: 2.5 days
    • High security space: 4.5 days
  • Updated vulnerability windows now takes 30 days to take effect (instead of 7).
  • In a solar system where the Activity Defense Multiplier is above 4.0 and where an Infrastructure Hub is held by an alliance, pilots that are NOT members of that alliance will be unable to deploy medium Upwell structures (Astrahus, Athanor and Raitaru).
  • The random jitter range on reinforcement exit times is increased from +/- 2 hours to +/- 3 hours.
  • FW structures now may not tether in some circumstances, according to the following chart:

  • A ship piloted by the attacking faction (or their ally) can never receive tether from ANY structure whilst in enemy FW space.

  • A structure owned by the attacking faction (or their ally) can never provide tether to ANY ship whilst in enemy FW space.

  • Ansiblex Jump Gate and Tenebrex Cyno Jammer service modules will be offlined if the structure is within 500km of another structure. (This is the conclusion of the Ansiblex anchoring range changes initiated in Beat Around the Boosh).

These changes will increase the chance of fights taking place and improve the experience around destroying undefended structures.

Let the kicking of castles commence!