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Kor-Azor Institutes New Settlement Incentive Policy

2008-11-26 - Por Svarthol

Kor-Azor - In the latest of several shake-ups of the way his holdings are administered, Amarr heir Aritcio Kor-Azor has announced a new policy of granting incentives (including low interest loans and tax breaks) to veterans of the various Amarrian armed services who start developments or business ventures within certain areas of the Kor-Azor domain. The size of the incentive is prorated based on time of service, and special consideration is to be given to veterans who are highly decorated or have been disabled in the line of duty.

In a press conference called to unveil the new plan, a House Kor-Azor spokesman said, "This measure is designed to give something back to the brave men and women we ask to risk their lives for our benefit. For too long have our veterans, proud warriors all, suffered the apathy of an uncaring society after their faithful service has ended."

The program is purely voluntary, and application is open to any citizen with a valid military service record. The development zones covered by the incentives will typically lie in the less developed border regions of Kor-Azor's domain. The Kor-Azor spokesman explained, "The choice of where to encourage the veterans' projects is intentional. Though some of these areas have less developed infrastructure, they offer a great opportunity to those with the drive to carve out a new life. Similarly, some of these areas suffer from endemic security problems, notably from Blood Raider heretics. A larger populace with a greater degree of military experience will bring a higher level of operational capabilities and instill confidence in these areas' local militias, bringing greater security and thus more opportunity for future growth.

The set-up of the bureaucracy necessary to administer and oversee the approval process should be complete and accepting applications within the next week.