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Leaked FIO Report Reveals Secret Caldari Prison

2008-08-29 - Por Svarthol

Luminaire – The Scope has obtained an FIO report detailing the existence of a secret prison on Caldari Prime holding most dangerous criminals, political prisoners, and captured members of the Gallente resistance forces. According to excerpts of the story, due to be published tomorrow, the prison is in fact an evacuated underwater dome arcology formerly known as Paix Azur, now largely evacuated and run by the Provist occupational authority.

Originating from “reliable sources within the Federal Intelligence Office,” the leaked report indicates that the evacuation of the city began soon after the beginning of the occupation. The FIO learned of its existence two weeks ago, after Caldari evacuees from the city began to filter into the major cities from quarantine zones. Federation intelligence assets had spotted the higher traffic to the city since the beginning of the occupation, but until recently the true nature of these flights was not known. According to the report, there may have been as many as 5000 flights during the first months of the occupation, indicating an evacuation on an unprecedented scale.

According to the leak, the discovery of the city's transformation into a prison facility was made after correlating hundreds of reports from Gallente resistance forces, FIO assets, and public Caldari sources. Reports of people simply disappearing after capture, even after intense investigation by FIO agents, gave the initial impression that the Caldari were shipping them offworld, but this was ruled out when when images surfaced showing one of the missing prisoners being interrogated by Provist personnel known to be on Caldari Prime.

Little is known of the conditions inside Paix Azur, although the report estimates somewhere between 18,000 and 20,000 based on correlated reports, logistical requirement estimates, and rumors among the Caldari occupation force. However, the report does not specify how many of those are likely to be prisoners and how many to be guards or support personnel.

Reaction to initial news of this report has been swift from all corners. The FIO has declined to comment, neither confirming nor denying the existence of the report, while the Caldari Provincial Directorate has put out a statement confirming the existence of the prison, saying that it is “necessary for the safety and security of the civilian population of Caldari Prime, Caldari and Gallente alike.” The Senate Intelligence Committee has promised to hold hearings on the matter, though they will likely be closed-door, while the Sisters of Eve have expressed concern and have asked the occupational authority for permission to inspect conditions inside the arcology.