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Local chat and pilots in space map information

2004-07-17 - Por CCP Oveur

I wrote up drafts for the system scanning and we almost have ready the log-on traps/log-off escape design revision. They are now up for internal review, I'll then publish them here for your review shortly. This should allow you to do full system scans for ships and objects, prevent log-on traps while not preventing a disconnected player to jump right back in along with less loopholes to intentionally circumvent combat that you shouldn't usually be able to get out off.

But when thinking of system scanning, log-on traps, player owned structures and other such things, "pilots in space" and our local chat comes to mind every 3 seconds or so. Hence me throwing out a possible change. Note, this does not mean we have decided anything regarding local or the map. I'm just throwing out a solution, that you can take a position towards if should be done or not. A simple "yay \o/" or "nay /o" will do fine since we don't have any polls yet.

Now, I like local, it's good to see travelers in the same system as you are and encourages people to talk to each other. But it also has a big tactical advantage, that has a far bigger impact in 0.0 than it will ever have in empire space. This is why I'd only like local to change in 0.0. After reading tons of threads on this, I'm most fond if this approach: Local will remain as a chat channel, but it would no longer show the pilots that are in the system . If you talk, you show up, if you don't talk you dont show up. You would still see the system count on the tab (Updated: This part seems to be commonly misunderstood, only the faces going, not the count.)

Pilots in space. Again, we have something that has a much larger tactical and strategic impact then it will ever have in Empire space. Again, this moves me towards only removing this information in 0.0. This does not mean removing anything else from the map. This would give you sufficient information to assume where there is danger in a certain timeframe (ship kills etc.) while not giving you up do date information that you can use as a direct tactical or strategic advantage.

Update updated: Just to clarify some things, these are ideas, not something that is scheduled for implementation. 600+ replies now!! And look, we have a poll -> =D

It's for indication of opinion, it will not dictate if it's going to be done. I'll post revised modification suggestions since the poll is very even now. Many good revisions have come out of this. Keep on voting, it indicates in what direction you want to go!