Minmatar Government Refuses to Comment on Federation Crisis, Tribal Liberation Force 'Concerned' | EVE Online

Minmatar Government Refuses to Comment on Federation Crisis, Tribal Liberation Force 'Concerned'

2009-08-17 - Por Svarthol

Pator – Government spokesmen in the Minmatar Republic have categorically refused to comment on the resignation of Gallente President Souro Foiritan or other aspects of the growing political crisis in the Gallente Federation, despite concerns felt across the Minmatar establishment. In particular, commanders in the Tribal Liberation Force are concerned about the effect events may have on the Federal Defence Union, coming on top of their comprehensive recent defeat at the hands of Caldari State Protectorate forces.

Repeated requests for comment made to the office of Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor have been refused on the grounds that it is "a matter for the Gallente Federation and its citizens." All government departments and agencies have followed suit in refusing to comment. Officials have indicated that the Sanmatar is monitoring the situation and keeping in touch with consular staff in the Federation as "a matter of course."

While Tribal Liberation Force command similarly refuses to comment officially, senior officers have made plain their concern that the situation with their allied militia, the Gallente FDU, is 'critical' and may be made worse by the political situation in the Federation. One commander said, "FDU command and control is breaking down, as can be seen by the recent episode where FDU pilots attacked TLF forces and destroyed at least one of our capsuleer battleships." TLF commanders are seeing an influx of both State Protectorate and FDU ships into the Amarr-Minmatar conflict zone, with the FDU presence being regarded as "unpredictable and destabilizing."