New Chronicle: Speaks and Walks | EVE Online

New Chronicle: Speaks and Walks

2012-06-01 - Por CCP Phantom

A new EVE chronicle, "Speaks and Walks", has been published! Senior Writer CCP Abraxas reveals more about DUST soldiers and the problems that they are beginning to experience as part of the EVE universe. Like all other recent fictional material, it is available through the official Chronicle Portal.

In addition, CCP has begun an ebook initiative where new chronicles will be made available in DRM-free .epub and .mobi formats. "Speaks and Walks" may be downloaded here as an epub and here as mobi (for Kindle users). The preceding chronicle, "Inferno", may be found here as epub and here as mobi.

Additionally we have a special bonus for you! Three older chronicles are available in audio format (as some of you have already discovered) with a permanent link now here, here and here.

A feedback thread is available here.