New EVE Fanfest Documentary out now | EVE Online

New EVE Fanfest Documentary out now

2023-05-31 - Por EVE Online Team
Belonging: An EVE Fanfest DocumentaryFanfestCrowd Kon7rol

Community-minded Capsuleers,

A fascinating new documentary looking at the EVE community – and their annual coming together at EVE Fanfest – is out now over on the official EVE Online YouTube channel. At the same time, the previously unannounced EVE in-house band Crowd Kon7rol have today premiered their debut single, which you can also catch on YouTube – or when they play at Fanfest’s Party at the Top of the World!

In addition, commemorating EVE's 20th anniversary we have partnered with publisher Limited Run to create a ‘20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition’, a generously-packed boxed set celebrating the history, legacy and community of EVE. The official countdown to its full reveal is now live, make sure to wishlist it so you don’t miss when pre-orders open on 7 July.

Belonging: An EVE Fanfest Documentary

Produced by the talented team at The Escapist, ‘Belonging: An EVE Fanfest Documentary’ explores the community that powers EVE Online, the unique celebration that is Fanfest, and the impact the gathering has on the future of New Eden. It’s all part of the build-up to EVE Fanfest 2023, which takes place 21-23 September, marking the culmination of this year’s EVE 20th anniversary celebrations.


For two decades EVE Online itself has brought people together into a one-of-a-kind online community where lifetime friendships and powerful bonds are formed. EVE’s pilots are much more than players. Their collective contributions to the EVE universe form the fabric of New Eden, from spontaneous events that shift the power balance of the Empires, to their feedback to the dev team. Every player that steps into EVE’s world has an important role to play. That’s even truer at Fanfest itself, where together we create and share memorable experiences and guide the future of EVE Online and its journey to forever.

EVE Fanfest is also about reconnecting with a community spread across the world, catching up with friends, partying until late with in-game rivals and allies alike, and forming memories to cherish for life. You might even find a bit of time for some in-person scheming and plotting.

Crowd Kon7rol

Speaking of partying, if you’re lucky enough to have secured tickets for EVE Fanfest’s infamous Party at the Top of the World, you’ll be able to catch the debut performance by the new EVE in-house band, Crowd Kon7rol. Formed of EVE devs and other CCP staff, cyber popsters Crowd Kon7rol are live on stage at Fanfest ready to dazzle with a debut of their new single . Just can’t wait? You can check out the music video to ‘On Top of the World’ right here.

If all of that has made you realise you want to be part of this very special EVE Fanfest, there are still tickets! Head to the EVE Fanfest page now, where you’ll find out about all the events, parties, sessions, talks, activities and other elements that make EVE Fanfest a truly unique gathering.

Already got your ticket? See you in Reykjavík in September!