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New EVE Forums are (A)LIVE!

2011-04-07 - Por CCP Elais

Update: The old forums have been closed and are now read-only. You may still read old threads and posts by visiting the archives.

Hi there. I'm CCP Elais and on behalf of team Occam's razor I hereby declare the new EVE forums officially open. I want to give a big shout out to all of you who took part in the public testing and thank for your brilliant suggestions and feedback. It was a great Frankenstein moment for the team to see the forum we had been developing come alive. Today we can finally say those words that are many a developer's dream: "Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive... IT'S ALIVE!"

So what are these new forums, you say? In case you missed the CCP Paradox Dev-blog a few weeks back and want to get the full details of the new feature-rich EVE forum, please click here.

If, however, you want to just get the TL;DR version before exploring the new forums, here goes:

The new forums are located at // and they are now fully integrated into EVE Gate. They will replace the old forum that was on, including the same functionality you previously enjoyed, along with cool new features such as:

  • The ability to Like posts and see number of Likes per post
  • The ability to add threads to a favorites list
  • Simple and advanced searching options
  • RSS feeds for threads and search criteria

The old forum will be ejected into space where it will remain frozen in time and fully viewable, but in a read-only state. Threads and posts from the old forums will not be included in the new forums.

Is that all? But I've waited so long and wanted so much more. Don't stop reading just yet. Put down your pitchforks and torches and stay with me. We've been spending last week's integrating your feedback from the public test forum into the backlog and working on your suggestions. Here are some we've already acted on:

  • Font size increased from 11 to 12
  • Help tooltip for BBCode added
  • Users will now see Likes for own posts
  • View count will count correctly
  • Breadcrumbs have larger fonts and are now orange to imply link functionality
  • Favorite Topics tab is open by default instead of the Active Topics tab in Favorites
  • 24 hour time format time is now on posts instead of AM/PM
  • Forums view no longer breaks with long names and multiple pages
  • Tooltip is now styled both on index page and forum view for threads
  • Load performance optimization

This is our first rollout of the new EVE forum. Team Occam's Razor will remain dedicated to further iterations and development to the new forum and EVE Gate. You will also see these changes in a more fluent fashion than before. Our aim is simple: to further enhance and empower the existing network of social contacts in the EVE universe.

To give you a hint of a few of the things we will be working on:

  • Further advanced search possibilities, for example being able to search posts with most Likes received and the ability to search the old Forum
  • Having an option to view posts in a condensed view
  • Being able to choose between different backgrounds for your EVE Gate and forum page
  • Ability to send a message to another forum user or moderator via one click
  • Notifications when someone comments or likes your forum posts
  • Tagging forum posts so that users can find relevant posts
  • Corporation Forums
  • And the list goes on

Again, thanks to all of you that signed in for the public testing. Your response was amazing and your feedback extremely valuable. We hope you enjoy this fresh, clean start of the new official EVE Forums, and keep working with us to further optimize the social graph on EVE Gate.

Alright, you can bring the pitchforks if you really want to.

CCP Elais & Team Occam's Razor