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New evidence in Bob vs Fountain suggests ulterior motives to attack

2004-11-05 - Por Svarthol

Bitter fighting erupted in the Fountain Alliance Sovereign space this Sunday between the forces of the FA and a coalition of corporations calling themselves BoB, which amongst others, includes Arcane Technologies, Reikoku and most notably, Evolution.

As was reported earlier, Sunday saw the beginning of bitter fighting between the former allies, Evolution and the Fountain Alliance.

This was an extremely unexpected move. The FA had allowed Evolution members free access to their resources and unrestricted travel around their claimed regions. Because of this, all of the Fountain Alliance corporations had set good standings towards Evolution, marking them out as blue on pilot UI’s. The fact that FA pilots were being attacked by seemingly friendly forces caused some tremendous confusion for pilots.

The cause for this conflict has been the destruction of Shirak’s ship by a Fountain Alliance member. Shocking new evidence however, suggests that it was Evolution that opened fire first. The destruction of Shirak’s ship was according the fountain spokesperson TornSoul self-defence. Although the Fountain Council is at a loss regarding why BoB decided to attack, given the current tense situation, it would be unwise to speculate on a motive.

Shrike, the public relations officer for BoB neither confirmed, nor denied the allegations. She was only willing to say that the attack was a result of the death of the aforementioned Evolution pilot, at the hands of the FA fire, a fact which cannot be disputed as both sides confirm the event.

Whatever other underlying causes there may be for these hostilities, it has been made blatantly clear that Evolution will not back down in the face of FA politics or firepower. To quote Shrike:

“FA is NOW our enemy, and we WILL engage them. When and where we choose”.