New Player Training Sessions Track #3: Industry | EVE Online

New Player Training Sessions Track #3: Industry

2014-01-14 - Por CCP Eterne

With the coming of the New Year, it’s time for a fresh New Player Training Session track! We’ve had two successful ones so far, introducing hundreds of new players (and a few veterans!) to the mechanics of combat and exploration. We topped both of those tracks off with amazing fleets that produced explosions, laughs, and even a song.

For those who don’t know, the New Player Training Sessions are seminars run by the EVE Community Team to teach rookies the ins and outs of a specific segment of EVE Online. Each one of these CCP-run seminars lasts 20-30 minutes and is followed by roughly 30 minutes of Q&A.

For our next track, we will look at one of the most fundamentally important aspects of EVE Online: Industry! In this track, we will take players through an explanation of how Industry in EVE Online works, teach them the basics of mining, manufacturing, and production, then touch on more advanced topics such as invention, T2 production, and even POS management.

The track kicks off on Wednesday the 15th and continues on until February the 22nd, when we will run a mining fleet for any interested industrialists!

Wednesday, Jan 15 @ 18:00 UTC: Overview – What is S&I about?

Saturday, Jan 18 @ 18:00 UTC: Skills

Wednesday, Jan 22 @ 18:00 UTC: Modules

Saturday, Jan 25 @ 18:00 UTC: Mining & Gas harvesting

Wednesday, Jan 29 @ 18:00 UTC: Planetary Interaction

Saturday, Feb 1 @ 18:00 UTC: Basic manufacturing and Tech-1 industry

Wednesday, Feb 5 @ 18:00 UTC: Advanced manufacturing Tech-2 industry

Saturday, Feb 8 @ 18:00 UTC: Player owned structures and deployables

Wednesday, Feb 12 @ 18:00 UTC: Drug manufacturing and reactions

Saturday, Feb 15 @ 18:00 UTC: Dealing with others

Saturday, Feb 22 @ 18:00 UTC : Mining fleet

Plus, we know there are many who cannot make the Wednesday training sessions, so starting with this track, we will be offering ISD-run replays of the Wednesday seminars at 16:00 every Saturday! That way those who missed a session can participate or those who want to refresh what they learned can do so as well.

So if you’re interested in learning about Industry, join us in the New Player Training Sessions channel in-game at the times listed above! Whether you’ve just joined EVE Online and don’t know what you’re interested in or are a veteran thinking of dipping their toe into the Industrial waters, you’re sure to learn something!

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