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New Ship Classes Planned For This Year

2005-01-07 - Por CCP Oveur

There has been lots of talk on the forums regarding new ships and I was asked to post a blog by Arud regarding those entirely brand spanking new ship classes which are in the pipeline for this year, so I figured I'd throw together a shortlist for you. I won't go into details on any of them nor when they will be available - only that they are planned for this year - and that means planned, not promised ;)

These are the new ultra-haul class of ships in EVE, with 100K M3+ specialized cargo holds. They are howerver only station to station and of course veeery slow. Make that veeeeeeeery slow.

BFS which uses X-Large turrets and is intended for an Anti-Battleship and Anti-Station/Starbase role. It will most likely feature Jumpdrive propulsion as most of the huge size ships.

Another BFS, which is planned to use X-Large drones, be in a fleet combat support role and it's special abilities be of the support and drone class. Will also most likely feature Jumpdrive propulsion.

Titan Yes, you read right. T-I-T-A-N. Titan. I'm wetting my pants just writing it. Wait while I do the happy Titan dance ... there. Planned to be as close to a mobile station as can be, it's bigger than huge and will feature the Jumpdrive propulsion. It's not the most uber combat ship ever. If you are looking for combat abilities, you should check out the Dreadnought.

In addition to the new ship classes, we will of course continue to release the specialized Tech Level 2 ships.