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Ogemi Collapses, Rushed To Hospital; Ishukone Stock Plummets

2009-04-22 - Por Svarthol

Malkalen - Ishukone Watch officers responded to an emergency call at the residence of Natasha Ogemi two hours ago, where they found the Ishukone board member unconscious and immediately rushed her to the hospital. While the Zainou Executive Medical Center told reporters it was too early for a specific diagnosis, Ogemi is known to suffer from Mortensen's Syndrome, a chronic neuromuscular disorder that can cause paralysis or, in extreme cases, coma.

Ogemi has been seen as the swing vote on the Ishukone board in the ongoing CEO decision. With her health suddenly in question, this has only further worried investors. "This situation has already taken far too long to resolve," said Vainela Omaken, a financial advisor with the Mercantile Club. "If Ogemi is unable to fulfill her duties, that could mean months' more delays, something that Ishukone simply can't afford anymore."

There has been a massive sell-off of Ishukone stock on all major Caldari exchanges. The stock is already down nearly a quarter of its value and continuing to decline as investors panic, with no end in sight.

The Ishukone board has called an emergency meeting at the corporation's Malkalen headquarters in response and put out a press release in an attempt to reassure investors, stating that they are "determined to maintain the integrity of Ishukone's business operations" despite these problems.