Pinch yourself: More bosses, more modules, more loot, less lurking, less scraps, less pop-up bother | EVE Online

Pinch yourself: More bosses, more modules, more loot, less lurking, less scraps, less pop-up bother

2011-11-11 - Por CCP Affinity

Attention explorers!  I am CCP Affinity from Team BFF and we have many exciting features in store for you this winter.  CCP Bettik and CCP Big Dumb Object, formerly of Team Commie Pinkos, have joined the BFF ranks to form a multidisciplinary Flying in Space super team that's been making stuff for the Winter Expansion!

  • In an on-going commitment to iterate on existing content we've been filling the gaps for the DED complexes. We have added new DED complexes, rated at 3/10 and 4/10 in difficulty.  This means more new bosses, more modules (never before seen in-game) and more reasons to generate massive explosions in space!   

  • Team Pink Zombie Kittens have re-balanced Magnometric sites and increased the values of these sites.  You will now be able to get all sizes of T2 rig BPCs from the various sites as well as more salvage components.  This change involves reducing the size of metal scraps to 0.01 in volume, adding small and medium T2 rig blueprint copies and increasing the salvage components in spawn containers. 

  • CCP Bettik has been going spreadsheet crazy; reviewing the average payout for anomalies and increasing their values. You will see more NPCs in anomalies and, best of all, more ISK in your wallet! A more detailed blog about the Anomaly rebalancing effort, by CCP Greyscale, will be published next week.

  • Exploration dungeons will now automatically despawn within a few minutes of being completed, even if players remain inside them.  This will stop players cloaking within dungeons to stop them from despawning and by extension, respawning elsewhere.  This feature will greatly help players who run exploration sites and also alliances who have upgraded their hubs to have more exploration sites.

  • CCP Punkturis has added a minimise function to pop-up messages in dungeons.  This allows you to worry about the combat without missing out on the storyline.  Gone are the days of being halfway through reading the information, only to realise that you are being attacked already and having to quickly close it.  This is a continuation of our battle on little things to make your life easier!

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