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Pod Pilot Generosity Alive and Well in Arnon

2009-06-19 - Por Svarthol

Arnon - When a friend of Maruu Navorra, of Superior Mining and Logistics [HMMR], decided to retire from capsuleering, he gave Maruu an unexpected gift; three thousand assorted ships. As he had no immediate use for so many hulls, he could have sold them for a tidy profit. Instead, he decided to give back to the community of New Eden by donating almost all of them. As he tells us, "well, I was feeling kind of generous, so I felt people could use the ships more than I could."

After filling his Orca class vessel with ships, he undocks from the Sister's of EVE station in Arnon and launches the ships. "People have to come out in their pod or a shuttle to get them", Marruu stated. "Ships being given out are: Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battle Cruisers, Mining barges, and at the end I launch a single shuttle, the one who boards it first, gets a battleship of their choice."

Marruu states that there are no preconditions to receiving a ship, other than "to have the skill needed for the ship and be at the event." To date six hundred ships have been given out to New Eden's capsuleers, according to Maruu, with an estimated two thousand remaining to be distributed. Additionally, he estimates the isk value of the ships donated so far to be around two and a half billion with a total nearing ten billion including the ships he still has left to give away.

Contralto of GCHQ [GCH] states that he "witnessed Maruu in action, in Arnon, loads of ships from shuttles up to cruisers flying in all directions from the Orca" adding that "there was confusion in local channel, as skeptics tried in vain to work out what the scam was; no scam just loads of free ships."

Marru says that after these events he is "hoping people will look at this and learn that people don't have to scam to have fun in New Eden."

The next scheduled event will be will be held at Arnon, Sister's of EVE Station on Saturday the 20th of June.

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