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Policy Update - Real Life Threats & Harassment

2018-09-20 - Por CCP Falcon

As part of the first summit for CSM 13, the council requested a session with our Customer Support Team in order to discuss our policies relating to threats of real life violence and online harassment, after a number of high profile cases in recent months.

This session went incredibly well and as part of the action points that came out of this session, we have decided to release a number of clarifications to our internal processes as a forward facing policy, which you can now view on our policies page here.

Right now, this policy is only available in English, but will be translated into German, Russian and French in the coming days in order to ensure that it's visible in all our supported languages.

The policy covers examples of what CCP considers to be unacceptable behaviour, how we respond to it, and more importantly it details how those who feel they are being targeted can contact both CCP and third party platforms in order to report harassment and have situations resolved.

CCP is firmly committed to maintaining a community where real-life harassment and threats are stamped out and treated with a zero-tolerance approach. This new forward facing policy provides more clarification and information on how we hope to continue to achieve that as a collaborative effort with our community.

If you'd like to do so, please feel free to discuss this news item in this comments thread over on the EVE Online forums.