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Presidential candidates launch emissary contest

2005-04-14 - Por Svarthol

The three candidates for the Federation presidency are set to find their ideal emissaries to run their all-important election campaign. Each candidate has formulated his own way of finding those pilot corporations most suitable and to their liking. The corporations that work most diligently will have the honor of nominating one of their own to become an emissary for their chosen candidate. As even further incentive they will also become proud owners of a Navy issue Dominix battleship.

Delegates for the candidates are now in position in strategic locations throughout the Federation, ready to hand out assignments to members of the participating corporations. Mentas Blaque has accused Eman Autrech of jumping the guns and allowing his delegates to hand out assignments earlier than allowed, but independent observers of the elections have stated that Autrech followed regulations to the letter. Still, Blaque and sitting president Souro Foiritan were left scrambling to get their own delegates into action in time. For those eager to participate in the dynamic Gallentean democracy a full list of delegates and their locations will be posted shortly through a different medium.