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Providence – A region in conflict

2005-11-14 - Por Svarthol

Last week saw the withdrawal of PIE Inc from the Curatores Veritatis Alliance, sparking a modicum of controversy and speculation on the GalNet Communications Network as to the future of the two Pro-Amarr factions and the fate of Providence – a lawless region which shares its borders with the south eastern edge of the Amarr Empire.

Speaking in a statement on Wednesday, Gaven Lok'ri – CEO of PIE Inc, said that his organisation would be returning to “the heartland of the Empire” where in the absence of an Emperor “defenders are needed to guard the home against all threats that might come against it”. PIE Inc had previously been working as members of the CVA whose goals, as Alexander Rahl of Imperial Dreams stated, were to “make the Providence region an extension of our great Ammar nation”.

When asked to comment on the suggestions that the CVA had been weakened by the recent events, Rahl stated that “PIE will ever remain our most trusted allies in defending the Empire” going on to add that the CVA’s “resolve has strengthened and the Empire is in safer hands now than ever before”. This opinion was shared by Scius – a Captain within PIE Inc who remarked that “Though PIE left the CVA Amarrians need not to worry, our two forces, together with all the loyalist Amarrian corporations, will keep the Empire safe! Amarr Victor!”

Reacting to the split, Maggot of the Minmatar faction - Ushra’Khan stated that the “breaking up of the CVA” was no surprise to his organisation, suggesting the act was “clearly mirroring the decay of the Amarr Empire”. When sharing his opinion on last week’s events, BornToKill of ‘The Sudden Death Squad’ Alliance said that he felt “as with any long conflict, the CVA have had inner disagreements that has resulted in different interest for PIE and the rest of CVA” which consequently caused the split.

The Providence region has seen fierce fighting in recent months between the CVA and its enemies The Sudden Death Squad Alliance, who claim ownership over the region and the lower Domain area to the north in Amarr space. When asked why they were fighting for these areas, BornToKill stated that they were of “sentimental” value, later going on to say that the TSDS planned to “occupy lower Domain and Providence constructing their own stations in Providence” and ultimately securing the area for themselves.

When commenting on the conflict so far, BornToKill said that he thought the fighting was “even handed. We win some of the battles and in turn so do they”. Remarking that his enemies were “a very honourable group to fight” and that while “a peaceful solution would be nice for all involved, I feel it will end in a full Military victory for TSDS”. Later stating that the Sudden Death Squad were “here to stay”.

Upon asking Alexander Rahl for his opinions on the conflict, he stated that the TSDS “still persist there but our resolve will not falter as we have our Faith to sustain us”, going on to suggest that the CVA had the upper hand in the conflict, remarking that “if you were to believe TSDS spin doctors on GalNet they would have you believe they were winning this war but our Kill Ratio defies their optimism”.

The Providence conflict is not limited to the CVA and TSDS Alliances however, with CVA allies the Huzzah Federation fighting against the TSDS, The Priory, and elements of the Ushra’Khan. When asked about the Ushra’Khan’s involvement in the Providence conflict, Maggot stated that the “Ushra'khan will not shy away from fighting against those that support the institutions of slavery”, going on to explain that the U’K had begun a campaign against those corporations and institutions that worked alongside the CVA or had been proven to be involved in slavery. Stating that as a result of their military support for the CVA in Providence, the Huzzah Federation had become a major target for Ushra'khan forces.

When commenting on the rumours that the U’K had signed a Non aggression treaty with the TSDS and local pirate elements, Maggot remarked “I will be honest with you. Many of the Ushra'khan would do business with anyone to see the end of slavery, however the majority to do not feel this way and are aggressively anti-pirate”.