Reason for the connection drops today | EVE Online

Reason for the connection drops today

2003-08-23 - Por CCP Red Button

Hi all! First post here. I am an admin on the Eve cluster. Thought you would be interrested to know why users kept getting dropped at intervals today. Our sql server backups were failing since late yesterday. The db is on a schedule where a full backup is done once per day and transaction log backups in between. If the transaction/full backups fail for whatever reason, faulty tape or drive for example, the transaction logs start piling up at a rate of around 1 gb per hour (yes, :) we are feverish about logging). Now the db by default has a certain space set aside for logs and as the logs keep getting bigger it auto increments the log. While it does that it stops responding for a short while. This in turn causes the EVE cluster to halt temporarily and as a result your connections drop. That´s the long and the short of what was happening today. As of 19:00 today the backups were back online. We are adding more alarms so that our admin team gets an early warning if backups are failing. As it was it was only one report per 24 hours... not quite good enough :/