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Renewed Interest in History and Cuisine Throughout Minmatar Republic

2009-01-17 - Por Svarthol

As a new educational term draws near at Republic University, school administrators are reporting a record number of students enrolling in university programs based on Minmatar history and culture, previously low-attendance subjects within the University. University heads state this is a natural follow-on from the increased self-confidence the Republic has found itself imbued with over these past months.

Last week, the movement of Culture Reclamation received several notable increases in grants from the tribes. The movement, founded by the Brutor Tribe when the Republic was formed, concentrates on restoring the culture and history lost to the Minmatar people during the long years of Amarrian occupation and enslavement.

Also showing growth is Native Freshfood, known for taking "classic" and "lost" Minmatar recipes and adapting them to modern cooking techniques. Classic Minmatar cuisine has a significantly higher nutritional value than more common "modern" dishes, making it easier and cheaper to provide quality meals. Native Freshfood attributes the rise in sales of ingredients and recipes to both the reduced cost of meal preparation and the desire of Minmatar to "eat like Minmatar."