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Respected ship production outfit reopens for business

2006-01-25 - Por Svarthol

Hadean Drive Yards – one of the oldest Capsuleer-pilot owned corporations in the Eve cluster announced earlier this month that it would be returning to business after it was forced into closure following a corporate theft several months earlier. HDY is known by many for its specialisation in the construction of star ships. OverKill – CEO and Founder of HDY took the time to talk with the Interstellar Correspondents about the Corporation’s long history and future plans, in an interview that took place last saturday.

Founded over three years ago, Hadean Drive Yards was built up around the concept of "military protocols and capitalistic ideals" with the objective of making the corporation a household name in star ship construction. OverKill remarked that HDY’s "principle mission statement always was the research and development of advanced star ships."

He went on to explain how HDY slowly gained a reputation for the "integrity and quality of their product" and had amassed what he described as a fairly impressive array of star ship blueprint originals. When commenting on HDY’s pilots, Overkill remarked that members came and went, each of them bringing something different to the corporation but leaving with "what we hope, are fond memories for the most part."

He added that he thought HDY was no better than any of the other successful corporations in New Eden, but quite different in many ways. Averring that "HDY’s ideas, until recently, were fairly unique within the EVE universe and that set us apart."

When asked to comment on his personal high points of Hadean Drive Yards long history; OverKill spoke fondly of what he described as the corporation’s Golden Age, a time during which it owned almost every major blueprint in the known universe and "when people requested their ships be made by HDY, even if it meant travelling a few extra jumps." He added that this Golden Age was a time when HDY’s "name and neutrality meant something, when HDY was able to remain true to her mission statement and her members."

Speaking of his lowest point as CEO of HDY, OverKill talked about the personal and "massive betrayal" that he felt he had suffered at the hands of trusted members of Hadean Drive Yards who absconded with ninety-five percent of the corporation’s assets and attempted to shut the corporation down. "Pilots, who I thought were considered brothers, betrayed both me and the ideals they claimed to uphold. A family was torn asunder in the blink of an eye and in the middle of the night with subterfuge and strong-arm tactics."

OverKill went on to comment that although a serious blow had been done to the corporation it could have recovered and several members were willing to remain with HDY to accomplish this. However he added that "anger and hate clouded my mind and vengeance was something that I had sought. Rebuilding HDY in her true form would not have been possible at that time. So, I closed her down."

On the subject of revenge, OverKill spoke of how he had used an alternate identity to “"travel down the path of vengeance" and had been in the position to take back a significant portion of the assets stolen from HDY. He explained that he had abandoned the plans after a long discussion with a friend, in which he came to the conclusion that in carrying out his revenge he would be no better than those who had betrayed Hadean in the first place. "How could I claim to lead and uphold the ideals of the Hadean Drive Yards when by the act of revenge, I become that which I despise the most?"

Consequently, the Hadean CEO chose to divert his energies into what he described as the "task of resurrecting HDY and leading it back to where it had fallen so far from in the past." After receiving several encouraging communications from former Hadean members he began thinking about what it meant to be a member of HDY and "how we were family", setting plans in motion for the eventual rebirth of the corporation. "Hadean Drive Yards was a dream and no one can kill a dream, regardless of how much they might try."

When commenting on organisations that share similar ideals as HDY such as the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate, TRUST, and the Big Blue, OverKill said "I'm glad to see that some visionary pilots out there have similar dreams to my own." Adding when queried, that although it had been discussed HDY was "content to remain neutral" rather than form a Conglomerate style alliance at the present time.

In closing, OverKill remarked that it would be "a long slow uphill climb for HDY but, thanks to the generosity of former clients and friends, HDY is slowly coming back from the brink." Stating that the corporation intended to eventually construct capital class vessels, the CEO affirmed that "HDY has always been able to do what many other larger Corporations could not and now is no exception. Analyze, Adapt, And Overcome. We will be there eventually, rest assured."