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Saracens Push Ahead With Fortification Program

2007-12-06 - Por Svarthol

Myyhera, The Bleak Lands - In a news release earlier today, Admiral Saracen of the Amarr Navy 7th Fleet stated, “God’s peace is settling in The Bleak Lands, as the 7th Fleet is progressing its fortifications apace and have secured all key systems. Our next major task is to upgrade all communication relays in the region to support Amarr Navy standards, which will be carried out today. After that completion we will have reached our main objectives for this phase of the operation.”

The 7th Fleet’s presence in the region has continued to ensure that supply and military convoys travel uninterrupted into the region, showing signs that The Bleak Lands is becoming liberated from pirate influence. Navy patrols become more common each passing day, and there has yet to be any more reported incidents of attacks on slave pens.

While initially thought to have been perpetrated by pirates or Blood Raiders, recent investigations into the raids have revealed none of the characteristics traditionally associated with such organizations. These reports have prompted the Admiral to order his personal staff to head up a detailed analysis into the true origins of these attacks.

The Bleak Lands communication relays are due to be taken offline as of 11:45 Standard EVE Time and should return to full operations shortly after.