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Scavenger Hunt Hijacked By Angel Cartel

2004-11-12 - Por Svarthol

Tonight's Scavenger Hunt, arranged in the Devoid region by Aurora Vice Admiral Nebulai, took an interesting twist near it's end. Three Arch Angel Cartel members, impersonating the very Vice Admiral himself and two other Aurora members, stole the last can and moved it to a new location. Then, speaking as the Aurora members, attempted to lure the competing pilots to the container for the reward. Several pilots took up the challenge, only to find themselves in the gunsights of the pirates. Even after the treachery was discovered, pilots made heroic attempts to reach the container and salvage the hunt, placing themselves in harms way. Several of these pilots lost their ships, yet one pilot, Neofight, of the Corporation "Slacker Industries" managed to elude the deadly trio and salvage the contents of the cannister using his lightning quick Crusader. Nebulai himself rewarded this hero with a brand new Apocalypse Battleship, which was richly deserved. "I was hunting for pirates in the depths of Providence when word came over our corp channels of the hunt, so I decided to give it a go." Neofight told this reporter. "My plan was to go in and orbit avoiding fire but I couldnt get close enough to open so I warped out... after repairing I warped in hit the can and got out of there." Clearly he managed to do what many other pilots could not. As for the Arch Angels, they vanished quickly after Neofight snatched the prize from them, their current whereabouts are unknown. Whether this was just a random target of opportunity for them, or something more insidious, only time will tell.