Schedule for upcoming EVE Streams | EVE Online

Schedule for upcoming EVE Streams

2021-09-21 - Por EVE Online Team

Ambitious Capsuleers,

There’s no better time than today to start playing EVE, or to dive back into the buzzing spacelanes of New Eden: as we enter the Gateway Quadrant, we’d like to share our plans to bring you a wide variety of streams in coming weeks.

Tune in to the CCP TV channel for classes, developer interviews, hangouts, EVE partner streams, and more – providing all kinds of content for both veterans and new players alike!

Here is a glimpse of what lies ahead with additional content added on a regular basis:

And alongside this fun and informative content, be sure to check out the currently discounted Starter Training Boost bundle, alongside other available offers, for a useful head-start boost to your skill points and training speed!

We’re looking forward to bringing you a content-filled and fulfilling Quadrant with Gateway, and can’t wait to show you all the streams ahead: keep an eye out for upcoming broadcasts, and see you in space!