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Size doesn't matter

2011-02-10 - Por CCP Soundwave

The past releases, Team Best Friends Forever has been working on large features, our latest being Incursions. Next release will be different though; next release we'll be trying to track down all the small things that annoy you and working to correct them.

It's a pretty simple concept. Instead of one massive feature, we'll be scanning the message boards, talking to the CSM, talking to people within the company and tracking down as many small inconveniences as we can. Then we prioritize that list and go through as many as we can. Not being bound to another big feature also means that we get to do changes and fixes to Incursions as well, making sure they're followed up on properly. Anyway, here is what we've been up to since releasing Incursions.


  • We've cleaned up the jump clone window in the character sheet. It now has buttons instead of a right click menu and just generally looks better.
  • You can now remotely destroy a jump clone from anywhere.
  • When you select a new home station for your clone, the region and sec status is displayed. This is to prevent jump cloning into "oh my god where am I this can't be right who are those people?"
  • We've greyed out clones that hold less SP than you currently have, to help people avoid buying clones that don't really do anything


  • Made tweaks to the way a constellation is selected. Unfortunately, if I told you any more about this process, I'd have to kill you.
  • Incursion ISK rewards are now subject to corporation tax, like other bounty forms.
  • To increase the lifetime of Incursions, we've made a small cut in the contribution the sites make to the influence bar.
  • Speaking of the influence bar, it pretty quickly became apparent that the low-sec and zero-sec ones needed adjustment. Sansha influence rate of regain in both those security bands have been minimized, meaning they'll be a lot easier to do.
  • Since there isn't a good reason to remote rep someone who is criminally flagged apart from griefing, we're removing the ability to RR criminals in highsec. This is to close a loophole where people would CONCORDOKKEN their fleet. Thanks to Team Gridlock for making this change for us.


  • We've added a warning when you remove agents from your contacts, to make sure you don't remove the wrong one.
  • The sell/buy window now opens in the last state it was used, either normal or advanced. This is to make sure no one gets arthritis from clicking too much.
  • The assets tab lets you search by distance.
  • You can now drop items into containers without having to open them,  BECAUSE THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE.
  • The location of player stations should now be visible through the market, so you don't accidentally spend all your ISK buying janitors in a hostile station.
  • The appearance and autopilot tab are both drag and drop.
  • Get contracts in the show info window has been moved from a button to the menu.
  • Added more intuitive group and menu icons.
  • The character sheet has been cleaned up a little bit, because it was getting dusty.
  • You can now clear waypoints while in space, and not just from the map.
  • Portrait grab should be back ingame, so you can go back to silently weeping while stroking a printed picture of your avatar. You're creepy.


  • We've re-balanced officers so their difficulty reflects their value more.

As you see, we've built up a good little list of changes since Incursions came out. Hopefully we'll be able to focus even more on the small things in the coming releases, and give you a lot of more of this stuff. Please keep posting, we're keeping our eyes on threads like this // and harvesting the good changes.