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Theology Council concludes inquiry into heir ‘incident’ – Articio cleared

2004-01-14 - Por Svarthol

The Amarr Theology Council made an inquiry into the ‘incident’ involving the royal heir Articio Kor-Azor at the request of the church authorities where the ‘incident’ took place. The Council has now concluded the inquiry and reported its findings. Surprisingly little is said in the report and it seems the Council was unable to delve deep into the secrecy shrouding the infamous ‘incident’.

Various witnesses seem to have disappeared into thin air or are suffering from a sudden stroke of amnesia, but are rumored having received lucrative promotions or large sums of money. The centerpiece of the inquiry, a Gallentean exchange student, has since disappeared making investigators unable to question her. Though the report strongly suggests that an elaborate cover-up has taken place, the investigators were unable to uncover the truth in the matter. Perhaps one day someone will come forward with the whole sordid story, but until then Articio Kor-Azor can continue living his extravagant lifestyle as before, free of worries.