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Tribal Representatives Speak Out Against Minmatar Collaboration in Curse Alliance

2004-01-13 - Por Svarthol

In independent statements, Minmatar leaders spoke out against Republic citizens working with Amarr "criminal elements" in the Great Wildlands and Curse regions. Most outspoken was Egar Aldinold, CEO of Thukker Mix, who condemned "cowardly and piratical bands of Minmatar masquerading as freedom fighters while reaping the benefits of traitorous and shameful collusion."

Though released independently, the statements reference each other and were intentionally timed to appear on the same day. Every tribe with elected representation issued some form of announcement, leading many to conclude that unpublicized discussions between the tribes have been ongoing for some time—itself an item worthy of comment.

It is surprising to many that tribal leaders would address this issue at all; the Minmatar Republic is known to turn a blind eye to activities considered flatly illegal in neighboring sovereignties. That the Thukker tribe chose to condemn the activities of the alliance operating in the Curse and Great Wildlands region will be seen by most as blatant hypocrisy—the nomadic Thukker tribe openly operates quasi-legal endeavors, and supplies many of the pirates and outlaws in the Great Wildlands with both station services and goods.

"On the surface, it's a slightly ridiculous statement, coming from Thukker and to a lesser degree the other tribes," said Gurard Arrud, a political analyst for Freedom Extension. "But under that surface statement, I think there's a warning, and I think unified voices of the tribal houses are the clearest indication of that." The warning? "Stop working with the Amarr."

"It's become a huge issue," said Urigbrin Evruko, an adjutant of the Internal Security division of Republic Fleet. "This is in no way an official statement of Rep Fleet, but general distaste has turned into specific disapproval. The breaking point is the Amarr presence so close to Republic space. Peacetime or not, some powerful and militaristic Amarr corporations have gotten too close, and I think various organizations within our government and society are sending a very clear message to the Minmatar who are working with them. The language in some of these statements is so strong and specific it may even be coded."

Security concerns aside, there does seem to be tremendous judgmental motivation behind these statements. Several of the statements released contain very harsh language indeed, including words and phrases with deep resonance in Minmatar culture. Gurard Arrud again: "I don't think anyone's quite ready to call organizations like Oracle and The People's Front of Minmatar traitors, but a few of these statements stop just short of it. The leadership of these corporations have a tough time defending their participation in an alliance that contains Amarr citizens, especially when many of those citizens are known to be slave holders and enemies of the Minmatar people.

"A lot of people—regular people—haven't been happy about Minmatar working with Amarr down in Curse for a long time, especially when so many of them are self-appointed 'freedom fighters,' but were willing to turn a blind eye. Now that many independent Minmatar are finding they are unable to earn a living from the Great Wildlands because of Curse Alliance interference, it's just gone too far. The average independent wildcat miner can't set foot into the Great Wildlands or areas beyond to earn a living, and it's these so-called 'heroes of the cause' who are at least partly responsible for it? That's pretty hard to swallow."

It would certainly seem to be popular sentiment. Among the phrases included in today's barrage of statements we find "unconscionable contribution to ongoing Amarr oppression of Minmatar freedoms" (Herveiker Eurten, Krusual), "cowardly and criminal shackling of [their] Minmatar brethren" (Inset Raul, Brutor), "unjust and selfish denial of material freedoms of the Minmatar people" (Elloder Aptannoftur, Sebiestor), and of course the Thukker statement, which included the word "treasonous" (three times) "cowardly" (twice), and drew direct comparisons between the Minmatar in the Curse Alliance and the Ammatar.

The leadership of several known Minmatar corporations who are members of the Curse Alliance were asked to comment on these critical statements, but none have responded at the time of this writing.