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Univeristy of Caille Displeased With Federation Seizure of Balrille

2009-03-10 - Por Svarthol

Sparked by the Federation Navy's lockdown of Creodron operations within the Balrille constellation, University of Caille Press Officer Ellyn Enstrom responded with shock and outrage. The University has been heavily involved with the day's events, convening a meeting of top scientists early this morning in order to determine the cause of the "Seyllin Pulse", as well as attempting to diagnose and mitigate the disastrous occurrences thereafter.

"With the Navy's interdiction of CreoDron infrastructure," said Enstrom, "the very foundation of our scientific research is threatened. CreoDron was operating as explorers and scientists, and if we are not free to pursue those endeavors without fear of government intervention, science will falter and fade."

Enstrom also responded to allegations stating that the Federation Navy was reacting against another threat to its citizens. "We understand that it's been a trying and difficult day, but at no point have we seen any reports that these spatial anomalies pose any threat to any person in New Eden. The Federation Navy now controls not only the data feeds from the portal, but those in charge of reading those data feeds. Any data we see now is suspect at best."

Enstrom ended her presentation to the assembled press with a short statement on the future of discovery. "We respect and honor the work done by CreoDron and Professor Burreau, as well as those other entities putting together expeditions. It would be a shame for their collective bravery, especially on a day that has tested all of our mettle, to be lost because of an act of overprotective instinct."