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Vangel Draws Blood

2011-08-07 - Por Svarthol

Aurohunen – The Alliance Tournament IX commissioned prize ship, the Vangel, has drawn first blood in solo combat. Shiroi Okami, a renowned pilot, thrill seeker and proud owner of this Vangel, says that since entering AT9 he "promised [himself he] would use it in solo PVP."

As thrilling as it is to hunt other pilots, doing so in a "35 billion ISK ship just makes the heart race that much faster." Shiroi admits however, that "I actually got a little cocky with it, the Myrmidon I fought put up an extraordinary fight."

Becbop, the victim, was belt baiting when he "saw a shipclass on scan that [he] hadn’t seen before." The Vangel landed 20km off from his Myrmidon and after a short moment of sizing each other up, they moved against one another. Becbop admits his Myrmidon was outclassed as Shiroi was able to kite him outside of blaster optimal range. Despite his loss, he was "really happy that the ship was used in combat. Shiroi has real guts to use that ship in combat and I wish him the best."

Shiroi plans to post a video account of the battle in the near future.

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