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Violence On Intaki Prime As Caldari Occupy System

2009-03-27 - Por Svarthol

Intaki - Government authorities on Intaki Prime are reporting isolated incidents of violence in many of the planet's largest cities over the last few days. Pro-State, pro-Federation, and Intaki secessionist demonstrators have taken to the streets, a situation which has led to clashes between opposing crowds. Police have reported at least a dozen deaths and over 500 injured, though the vast majority of the injured have been treated and released from hospitals with minor wounds only.

Most of the demonstrations have been started by that small but vocal portion of the Intaki population that supports withdrawal from the Federation and/or a closer relationship with the Caldari State. Though long marginalized by the Intaki majority, which wishes to remain part of the Federation, many leaders of this secessionist movement see the Caldari occupation as the first step toward enacting their agenda.

In reaction, Federation supporters have launched counter-demonstrations, expressing concern that a full-scale Caldari invasion of the planet may be on the cards. Even short of such an invasion, an extended blockade or siege by Caldari forces could put a considerable pinch on many Intaki citizens.

A group of Intaki government and spiritual leaders appeared on holovid today to appeal for calm. "There is no reason to panic," said Sadereron Idama, a senior clergyman. "The planetary government is doing all it can to ensure the safety of Intaki citizens. Please return to your homes and await further information."

State authorities have yet to comment on the Intaki Prime situation, while a spokesman for the Federal Defence Union told the Scope yesterday that "Caldari occupation of the Intaki homeworld will not go unanswered."