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Viral epidemic spreads- Hjortur declared no-fly zone

2003-08-09 - Por Svarthol

This just in: Rumours of a viral epidemic have been coming from the Hjortur system over the last few days, and earlier tonight the Minmatar Republic Security Council ordered the system closed and all travellers detained for quarantine and mandatory inspection. Pilots in the Metropolis region have been warned to stay out of the Hjortur system, as crossing into the system via jumpgate will result in immediate webification and detainment by The Minmatar Republic Fleet and Minmatar Health Board officials. Those travellers currently quarantined are being expedited from the system as swiftly as possible, and hopefully the area will again be declared safe for travel sometime over the next twenty-four hours. The epidemic is not thought to have spread to any other systems, though there are reports of investigations being conducted by health officials in Kisogo, Otenen, Autelen and Nonni. Pilots are advised to travel to these locations at their own risk.