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Vitoc antidote scarce - addicts turned away

2006-03-21 - Por Svarthol

Minmatar cities based on the continent of Ebrembrur on Edmalbrurdus VI are reporting a shortage of Vitoc antidote. Believed to be due to a recent mutation of the viral toxin, this development leaves Gallentean and Minmatar scientists fighting as they yet again struggle to unravel this particular strain’s attributes. Authorities report that although there is no cause for alarm yet, Vitoc antidote distribution centres need to be frugal with their reserves.

Federation Senators have visited several of these centres. Senator Duvaille was quoted as saying:

"It was horrifying. I personally witnessed several freed slaves being brought in to receive their treatment, only to be shown the door again because their last dose was just a day or two ago. They were sent away in agony by hospital staff who assumed they could ‘bear the pain’ for another day. I can’t tolerate such inhumane treatment of people, and I will propose a bill today at the Federation Senate to make Federation sponsored purchases of Vitoc antidote to relieve these poor, suffering wretches."

Alej Nkosai, lead physician at the Elder Shiamu Centre for Rehabilitation, had the following to say:

"Although we’re grateful for the Senator’s intent to start a months-long procedure to aid us, we don’t need it. Our usual supplies of Vitoc antidote are dwindling, but I assure you, we are doing nearly everything in our power to secure a new batch. Yes, it’s true that we have to turn away people that don’t need the drug yet, and yes it’s true that these people are suffering, but nothing works better to steel their nerves than knowing they endure and continue to endure their pain in freedom."

Roughly 60% of all freed slaves are infected with the toxin, which is used widely by the Amarrian Empire to control slaves. Death by withdrawal is reported to be extremely painful and is usually drawn out over the course of a few days.