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Harder Sleeper and DED Combat Sites

Standing as the pinnacle of PvE content, many exploration pilots find their way into completing more and more difficult combat sites. Most frequently, this will mean working your way up through pirate strongholds rated by CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department (DED) in search of ultra-rare loot drops. This typically requires a well-fit and specially designed strategic cruiser or battleship to survive the incoming damage. Finding just one piece of good loot can be worth hundreds of millions on the markets, if you can get it home safely that is.

High-class wormhole content differs from DED sites in that it is much simpler with little variation other than the types of Sleepers you encounter in each site. Rewards are collected in the form of "blue loot" from Sleeper wrecks to sell to NPC buy orders in known space markets. Rewards increase in-line with difficulty in the higher classes of wormhole. C5 sites, for example, will reliably offer just under 300 million ISK in loot. This comes at the cost of being extremely difficult to beat with your best bet being to fleet up with other Capsuleers and make good use of remote repairing Logistics ships.

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Harder Sleeper & DED Combat Sites