Everyone Starts Somewhere | EVE Online

Everyone starts somewhere

Everyone starts somewhere. EVE uses a system of Skill Points earned over time. Some may increase your proficiency with various weapon systems and others may help negotiate better deals on the local market. However, with over 400 different options it really can be a daunting task to know which skills to invest in.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of guidance provided through the Capsuleer Training Program to give you that initial push. Through your first few hours, the CTP will introduce you to various game mechanics including your very first Skill Plan. Skill Plans are a way for you to map out your skill training in advance, set milestones you want to aim for, and share Skill Plans with fellow Capsuleers.

Start out strong with a certified Skill Plan by checking the Skills panel in-game. Premade Skill Plans are available for all four Academy pathways: Explorer, Enforcer, Industrialist, and Soldier of Fortune. Pick your path and delve into the Plan to discover what you can achieve!

For more information on effective training plans, check out EVE University's Short Skill Plan or one of the options from the Brave Dojo. Still not sure what to train? Put some training time into the 'Magic 14'. These skills are applicable to almost anything you do in EVE.

As an Alpha Clone you can even boost your training speed with a Daily Alpha Injector and catch up faster! Should you choose to take your skills further, you can easily upgrade to an Omega clone to train at twice the speed.

You might also want to check out The Agency in-game for the latest events and activities to take part in? New seasonal events are frequently introduced, offering exciting challenges and hefty rewards to get stuck into right away! You can also track your progress using the Activity Tracker to plot your growth as a Capsuleer, mapping each action against all the possibilities of New Eden.