Magic 14 | EVE Online

The Magic 14

The Magic 14, while not a goal to aim for on their own, are a set of 14 skills that will apply to every ship you choose to fly in EVE by improving its core functionality. This will mean faster warps, more fitting room for modules, and more! If you’re ever unsure what to train next, put some time into the Magic 14.

As a new Capsuleer you can get ahead in the Magic 14 from the start with a Core Ship Operations Expert System. Expert Systems are a great way for new players to jump straight into action by instantly granting skills for a limited time, giving you a taste of your potential before committing to the training time.

The Magic 14 Skills

  • Spaceship Command - Improves the agility of all ships
  • CPU Management - Increases the Central Processing Unit (CPU) output of all ships
  • Power Grid Management - Increases the power grid output of all ships
  • Capacitor Management - Increases the capacitor capacity of all ships
  • Capacitor Systems Operation - Improves the recharge speed of your capacitor
  • Mechanics - Increases structure hit points
  • Hull Upgrades - Increases armor hit points
  • Shield Management - Increases shield capacity
  • Shield Operation - Improves the recharge rate of your shield
  • Long Range Targeting - Increases the maximum range at which you can lock a target
  • Signature Analysis - Improves locking speed against targets
  • Navigation - Increases the velocity of all ships
  • Evasive Maneuvering - An even larger bonus to ship agility
  • Warp Drive Operation - Reduces the capacitor need to begin warping