A story of Elvis and Sigfried | EVE Online

A story of Elvis and Sigfried

2006-09-26 - 作者 CCP TomB

It's been a long time since I've been able to sit down and write a decent blog, the reason for my inexcusable lack of presence is the current crunch-pretty-hard-time on our next release.

But... instead of writing a blog I thought it would be a nice change to spice things up by writing a story, so enjoy.

Elvis The Explorer does some exploration, he flies around in systems and scans for gold.

He finds something called "Deadspace Signature"...

He warps there and gets instantly killed by flying oversized rats.

Sigfried The Scout is doing patrols in his alliance controlled space, he flies between bottleneck systems and scans for ships.

He finds a fleet of enemies...

He warps there in his covert ops but forgets to activate his covert ops cloaking device and gets instantly killed by flying oversized egos.

What are those stories supposed tell us?
The status of system scanning and exploration. Our team has finished all the mechanic work required to get them into our upcoming expansion. They are now being fine tuned and stuffed with candy by our design/content department.

What's the candy?
We will be able to seeing more than 10 unique deadspace signatures in every solar system in EVE. Ranging from pirate outposts to belts of rare asteroids to profession sites to gas clouds to... anything. The amount of complexes and other deadspace locations we have created for our next release has never been close to what we envision in our minds. It's simply incredible... and enough to make anyone passionate about world creation and population green with envy.

...and I'm back to crunching-pretty-hard.