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Alliance Tournament XIX – Live schedule & more!

2023-08-11 - 作者 EVE ONLINE TEAM

With the action boiling up over this coming weekend, let's do a quick recap on the tournament so far as well as details for this weekend's events!

It's been a little over six weeks since the tournament trumpets first sounded in the first rounds of the Alliance Tournament, the feeder rounds, back at the end of June/start of July. With 48 teams registering at the start of the Tournament, we needed to whittle that number down to 28, combined with the 4 winners from last year, which gives us our regular, 32-team, Double-Elimination bracket.

The full list of alliances is as follows:

A Band Apart.


Rusty Hyenas Clan


Hole Control

Snuffed Out

Boundary Experts


Templis CALSF

Brave Collective


The Ancients

Bright Side of Death

No Vacancies

The Tuskers Co*


Odin's Call*

Till Doomsday

Deepwater Hooligans

Pandemic Horde



Paper Numbers



Platinum Sensitivity.

White Flag.


Plug N Play

White Squall.

Goonswarm Federation

Rote Kapelle

*Denotes a "Winner stays on" invite from the previous Alliance Tournament.

If you missed any of the action and want to re-watch each team earning their entry into the main tournament, all the videos are also available on YouTube (with the breaks removed and on a playlist!):

When and where to watch this weekend:

All of this weekend's action, in conjunction with the support of the EVE_NT production team again, can be found over on the CCP Twitch channel live from 1500 UTC each day!

Packed full of matches, EVE-themed ads, quizzes, prizes, witty banter, and guaranteed explosions we’re sure you won’t want to miss seeing the best of what each alliance has to offer out on the battlefield.

New Alliance Tournament section on the website!

We have also launched a new section of the website this year where you'll be able to keep track of the brackets live and at the end of each day, you'll be able to see the updated stats for each team too:

Alliance Tournament Website

This also includes a few of the rule highlights, information about the prize breakdowns, and important links at the bottom of the page for those looking for a little more information about the tournament.

We'll be updating the Tournaments section of the website with more historical information after the tournament too, so you'll be able to have a historical look back over previous tournaments and see participants, prizes, and winners.

Update on this year’s prizes!

Whilst being crowned Alliance Tournament winners and having your alliance logo added to the monument is in itself a prize, in addition to the fantastic SKINS, the IGC also has a reputation for producing limited-run ships based on that year's sponsors. The design of the ships is well underway, and the production of the ships is currently planned to be delivered to the winner's hangers before the end of the year.

The visuals of the ship have been locked up tightly in the hands of the IGC's artisans, so there aren't any visuals we can share just yet, but their engineers have shared with us their current work-in-progress traits, attributes, and fitting supplies for both ships:

We look forward to hearing what your thoughts.. and how the IGC designers might interpret them!

Helping to understand the Alliance Tournament!

We have a talented commentary team and production team thanks to the help of the EVE_NT crew that help explain the Alliance Tournament to our viewers, but if you want a quick breakdown of what you’re seeing on the screen well as a quick rundown of some of the “EVE Lingo” used by the commentary team about some of the archetypes you’ll be seeing in the Tournament, – EVE Partner The Greybill put 2 fantastic articles out this week that we recommend taking a look at:

How to Watch the Alliance Tournament for Dummies

Common Alliance Tournament Ship Compositions Explained

Special offers during the Tournament!

Earlier this week, in celebration of the return of the Alliance Tournament there was a limited-time deal where you could claim a small amount of 25 PLEX for free* out of the New Eden Store! Continuing the celebrations, as of right now, you can also get 10 days of Omega also for a similarly small amount of PLEX!

The deal will expire once the Alliance Tournament is over, so be sure to snap it up quickly!

See you in the chat!


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