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Amarrians split over body part results

2004-06-14 - 作者 Svarthol

The news that the Caldari won favor with the Jovians has met with mixed reaction within the Amarr Empire. While the Imperial Chancellor has sent formal congratulations to the Caldari State, thanking them for an honorable competition; the Theology Council has criticized how the competition was configured, claiming it favored the Caldari and the Gallenteans. Uriam Kador has even went so far as saying that he was convinced that the whole thing was rigged from the outset, as everyone knew that the Jovians favored the Caldari anyway and hated the Amarrians.

Gyt Quisog, the Jovian responsible for the body part collection effort, has vehemently denied these accusations, stating that each race were on equal footing from the onset. “Every possible step was taken to assure fairness in the competition,” he is quoted as saying. “In my opinion the competition was a great success. Every race competed with passion, yet honesty.” Quisog finished.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Chamberlain has issued a statement on behalf of the Emperor where those Amarrian pilots that participated in the competition are thanked for their efforts. The statement especially mentions members of the PIE Corporation and their associates as model subjects, who ceaselessly and unselfishly act to strengthen the Empire and aid the Emperor. Others mentioned in the statement are those that managed to collect a whole batch, which entitles them to a limited blueprint from the Jovians in due time. Those are: Alexia Sonique, Chimi, Aralis, Darklogan, Therax and Dreck Morrison. Aralis was especially active, turning in four batches.