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Blaque Approval Ratings Rise Amid Harsh Caldari Criticism

2006-06-19 - 作者 Svarthol

Press representatives from the Caldari State’s Chief Executive Panel yesterday released a statement on incendiary speeches held in the past month by Gallente presidential hopeful Mentas Blaque, in particular the candidate's May 16 speech at the Gallente Prime city of Hueromont.

The Panel leveled harsh criticism at the senator’s speech, calling it, among other things, “a disingenuous display of nationalism.” Senator Blaque was quick to respond, stating in a unicast holofeed interview that “in a political climate of civility and honesty, the Caldari ideally would be the last to accuse anyone of nationalism.”

This last month has seen the candidate’s approval ratings make a sharp turn upwards, with latest polls indicating that out of registered likely voters 58% would vote Blaque over incumbent president Souro Foiritan. The most commonly cited reasons for the choice are a wish for strong leadership and general public dissatisfaction with how long election proceedings have taken.

In what has come as a surprise to many analysts, President Foiritan has not responded strongly to Blaque’s rhetoric, claiming that it is deliberately incendiary and designed only to provoke a response intended to paint opposing stances in a negative manner. It is not known at this point whether he intends to give replies to Blaque’s statements, some of which have veered directly into the realm of ad hominem attacks against the incumbent.