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Caldari Providence Directorate Submits Military Reform Proposal

2009-04-17 - 作者 Svarthol

Nonni - The Caldari Providence Directorate has put forth a proposal for wide-ranging reform of the Caldari military.  Submitted to the Chief Executive Panel today, the reform plan is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the Caldari Navy and Army as well as centralizing the military chain of command.

The proposal seeks to significantly increase the transport and logistical capacity of the Navy, the number of front-line combat ships, and funding for R&D contracts, as well as introduce several new recruiting initiatives.  In particular, the Navy is aiming to build up its inventory of top-of-the-line heavy assault cruisers. More importantly, however, the Directorate suggests giving the Navy's general staff increased authority over corporate military forces, which traditionally have maintained almost fully independent chains of command even in wartime.

According to some commentators, the move is at least partly aimed at offsetting the costs of the occupation of Caldari Prime. "Recent reports from the Navy's Logistics Command make it clear the Navy is having trouble compensating for resources devoted to Caldari Prime," said Erika Kailon, senior partner at the consulting firm Reotta Kailon.  "Since the occupation is unlikely to end in the foreseeable future, the Directorate's proposal clearly seeks to offset those resources by increasing the Navy's allocation."

Many military experts suggest that the Army reforms are long overdue. Betto Roilloten, professor at the State War Academy, says that "historically, the ground forces of the Caldari State have been somewhat of a poor sibling to the Navy, lagging behind the Navy and most of the corporate militaries in terms of equipment, training and reputation.  Given the recent military successes, the time for the reform is most definitely right."

The Chief Executive Panel is expected to debate the proposal sometime in the upcoming weeks.