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Candidate for Electronic Warfare Changes

2004-02-15 - 作者 CCP TomB

Changes to the Electronic Warfare System has been discussed before in a previous dev blog, two problems with the current system is the 100% effectiveness of powerful modules and stacking modules for on/off effectness, some without range and some with a limited range of usage.

The modules in the category of Electronic Warfare are: ECM Target Jammers, Jump Scramblers, Stasis Webifiers, Remote Sensor Dampeners and Tracking Disruptors. The changes wanted are dimmishing effectness by range and a random factor. The proposed change is to give these modules Optimal Range (where effectiveness of stats are 100%) and add to it Fall Off Range (where the effectivness would dimmish from max at end of Optimal Range to 0 at the end of the Fall Off Range).

Proposed changes to the Target Jamming and Jump Scrambling modules are how ever a bit more dramatic than for the other module groups, where as players stack these modules for simply on/off results. The changes would involve the modules being individuals instead of depending on more modules of same type to stack for total effectness, so that one target jammer could disrupt all current targets of the ship in question, and 2 would simply have more chance of doing the same. Here is an example of how it would work:

Ship Class: Megathron
Gallente Sensor Strenght: 30

Module Attacking: Gallente Target Jammer
Gallente Sensor Strenght: 10
Other Race Sensor Strenght: 3

(in this case the 10 would be chosen, since the module has to brake down Magnetometric sensors)

The calculations would simply be percentage based, i.e. 10 / 30 = 33% of jamming. This situation is how ever in the Optimal Range, if the target is in the Fall Off Range where the changes have been reduced by 50%, the total strenght of the module would become 5 --> 5 / 30 = 16,7% of jamming.

If there would be two modules activated on this Megathron, the total chance of jamming the Megathrong would be 33% + 23% = 56%, so the chance of getting jammed can in theory never be 100%.

What this solves is:

1. Usage of all types of ships in Electronic Warfare, specially frigates in PvP which would not need to stack +4 Targer Jammers to be effective.

2. Addon on skills for Electronic Warfare for specialization, increased effectness, more range, shorter duration ticks on modules.

3. Random factor in Electronic Warfare

4. Would allow Electronic Warfare in PvE.

The question currently is of course how you players would look at these changes, but also how you would want other module groups to work.

This same system could be used for all these module groups by giving base duration time of how long the target is effected, so for example if all groups have the same time:

EW Duration: 10 Seconds (target is affected by successfull EW for 20 seconds)
Module Duration Base: 20 Seconds (module can not be activated again for 20 seconds)
Module Duration Minimum: 10 Seconds (with maximized skills and ship bonuses)

Note that all numbers in this post came out of the blue and would surely not be used in the new system.

But we could also just let Stasis Webifiers, Remote Sensor Dampeners and Tracking Disruptors just get reduced modifiers on targets by range, but would it be the same at current date and just sound boring?

Your comments are wanted.