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CONCORD investigators identify the Emperor's assassins

2005-07-15 - 作者 Svarthol

After a meeting of CONCORD investigators with acting regent Chamberlain Karsoth at the Imperial Chancellor's Office, sources close to the Imperial administration are speaking of a major leap forward in the investigation, stating that the perpetrators of the Emperor's assassination have been identified.

As the news spreads throughout the Empire like wildfire, many citizens are rejoicing over the prospect of bringing to justice those who have committed this terrible crime. Moreover, a feeling of renewed rage is being felt amongst the pilot community close to the Empire. The general sentiment conveyed is that nothing short of revenge can put their minds at ease.

Members of the Theology Council have already commented, calling the news "a sign of God's bestowing his blessing once more upon the purest of races." The Council went on to state, "Still, it is only a small soothing of the pain and regret we feel at having this greatest of men so violently taken from us. Amarr will continue to mourn, but we will be tireless in bringing to justice those capable of such a crime."

The Council also addressed the acting regent, stating that "the eyes of the Empire are upon you, Chamberlain."
While the Amarr community eagerly awaits information regarding the assassination of their Emperor, Chamberlain Karsoth has remained behind closed doors for the rest of the day, unavailable for comments. It is widely believed that the Chamberlain will keep the identity of the assailants classified as long as possible to facilitate further investigations by CONCORD.