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Deep Core Mining Workers Blame ‘Unbearable' Conditions, Strike Rumors Abound

2009-10-10 - 作者 Svarthol

Kaunokka - Just days after an incident at a Deep Core Mining moon facility in the Kaunokka system that claimed the lives of over twenty workers, several of the corporation's personnel have come forward to say that the strip mining facilities at the station were "a disaster waiting to happen." Calling upon the management to improve the working conditions as soon as possible, some miners went as far as to suggest the possibility of a strike if their demands are not met.

Reita Wotimi, a representative of the DCMI miners at the facility, urged the top management of Deep Core Mining Inc. to examine the situation and take appropriate measures. "We have always been proud of this facility and of what we achieved here, but in the last few months conditions here have become absolutely unbearable. The local management tried to ramp up the [mining] by more than half, paying no regard to our safety whatsoever. Now we have lost good friends because of their greed."

A worker who chose to remain anonymous stated that the blast was going to happen sooner or later: "The bigwigs just do not seem to care if we live or die as long we crank out the minerals, and it's getting worse every day. Personally, I am not going back there, and a lot of people are with me on this."

The corporation has not responded to the appeal s as of yet. Meanwhile, two more workers died in the intensive care facility today, bringing the total death toll to twenty -five.