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Doppelgangers & Teleportation : The Jump Clone Industry and Estel Arador

2009-01-15 - 作者 Svarthol

Rens - One of the most important privileges a capsuleer receives is almost unfettered access to cloning facilities throughout New Eden. Although still very much a rigorously controlled industry, the market is slowly starting to expand.

This is most noticeable in the secondary cloning market, Jump clones.

Using jump clones to facilitate seamless travel between almost any two stations in New Eden has now become almost common place. Many corporations offer the ability for their pilots to install jump clones, however there has always been one major drawback. ISK.

That has now changed.

Estel Arador Corp Services (EACS) are now offering pilots (with appropriate clearance) jump clones free of charge. Gone are the previous multi-million ISK fees you would have been expected to pay. The only real restriction is that you must have the training pack that grants you knowledge of Infomorph Psychology. This training strengthens your mental tenacity. The reality of having your consciousness detached from your physical form, scattered across the galaxy and then placed in a vat-grown clone can be very unsettling to the untrained mind.

With Estel's new service jump cloning has moved into a new era. Whilst they may not be the first to offer the service, it is apparently the first on this scale. Even his competitors are wishing him good luck with this venture. Genji Ancient who operates Genji Jump Clones and Research Group thought it was a "great idea" and that it was "very noble to offer it for free!"

There have always been "some hurdles in place, such as the multi-million isk fee and extremely limited locations. It is my mission to take away those last hurdles and offer this service for free on a universal scale" explains Estel. "No matter where you are, you will have access to my service within a few jumps of your current location. Getting jump clones was never easier!"

The universal scale is no idle boast. He now operates 130 offices giving pilots access to the jump clone facilities of 146 stations in 113 systems across 20 different regions.

With the number of pilots using this service increasing and with system coverage growing, it looks like EACS is firmly at the forefront of this growing market sector.

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